Child of Pain

by Child of Pain

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released April 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Child of Pain Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Decay
This is temporary
Paint my name in blood
Exterminate the source of sin
Give in

Let it seep in
Let it fall away
Expose the inside

When all the layers fall apart and break off
Cast the ashes to the wind


Salt soaks the Earth
Minds crumble away
Life turns to Death
For nothing

Rot spreads eternal
I pledge to submit
Track Name: Becoming
Leaving behind all the memories that we once built
Crumbling like castles made of sand

I will not play the part of the victim

Dedicate myself
Dedicate my body
Sacrifice all I ever had

Give up deception
Give up falsification
I am becoming

Feel it crawling under my skin and again
I let it take what it wants from me
Sacrifice the mind, Sacrifice the body
Sacrifice the life
I am your disciple

Everything I knew
Everything I once held on to
Means nothing in the end
Track Name: Snake
Herd the weak
Gather the feeble minded
Like fucking sheep
Feed them lies. Keep them asleep

When the child offers open hands
Why are they shackled with guilt?

Pull the veil from the eyes of the innocent

False prophet
Put the crown on a liars head
Buy into a generation
Of sick devotion

Extreme solution
The blind leading the blind
Silence the voice inside
Put an end to the eternal life
Track Name: Burn
A great wind shifts to blow this way
Suffer the consequence
The price of ignorance

When all is said and done you won't be saved
The emptiness will carry you away

Cast out your demons upon the slab
Free your mind and body
Salvation will never be attained

When all is said and done you won't be saved
The emptiness will carry you away

Smoke rolls over the horizon
This is the end of days

This city will burn
Track Name: Restless
When the end has come and gone
Who will be left standing?
The ones who prey upon the weak
Or the ones who will give up everything?

I fall to my knees
And look to the empty sky
With no hope
No relief

There is only emptiness inside
Now I can't breathe
I can't speak, I can't see
I feel it smothering me

I feel so hollow
I am unclean
I am cursed to wander aimlessly eternally

I fall to my knees
And look to the empty sky
With no hope
No relief

No answer
No one was ever there
No hope
No peace
Track Name: Filth
Bleed, dig deep
Cut out this disease

Will it ever heal?
Or will the maggots fester and feed?

Desecrate my body and mind
A hollow shell is all I'll leave behind

Fading, Decaying
I have no more fear
To the final curtain call

Leave the flesh to rot
Let it soak in decay

The light fades at the end of the day
My sins will finally be washed away

Purified by pain
Condemned by fate
The shadow of eternity
Falls upon my grave.